Friday, 31 August 2012

Chicken pox and Two Different Tales, Retold

Chicken pox can be a very irritating disease, if you put aside the ills and ailments associated with an eruptive fever. The fever, itching, body aches and other aches, the eruptions and the like is absolutely disturbing and fatiguing for a sane person, enough to drive him crazy. Normally, the appetite goes down the scale. The myth about food ingredients that cannot be consumed during this illness leaves you with a list of unpalatable materials. Now, I know a couple of persons who were sick with chicken pox. You would be wondering what is so special about it. Well, these people have something in common, but their experiences with the disease share nothing in common. I shall call them Mr.A and Mr.B (to protect their privacy) residing in two different countries. The common factors between them: both of them suffered from chicken pox, with almost similar intensity, both of them are living away from their homeland and their family (both unmarried too), very little cooking and eating hotel food on a regular basis.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Technology and Diseases, Series 1

Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, so has food processing. It has made life easier for man and helps him in adapting to the rush of today’s world. No time to prepare dinner, join with your friends at a fast food outlet or rush to a market and get processed, easy to make dinners. Does anyone really have the time to read the label or take a sneak peak at the list of ingredients? Of course not, why would you rush to the market in the first place?

Let’s first examine how the current nutrition trend is related to various diseases? Before that, one wonders what is it that makes people rush to canned foods, readymade lunches or to a fast food joint.
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