I am a graduate holder in homoeopathy, running a solo practice. Starting the practice changed it all. Troubled with a nagging thought, that my understanding of scientific homoeopathy is incomplete maybe even in error, I started making earnest attempts to re-read what i have learnt, to read what i have never learnt and to contemplate on what i read. I have a passion for writing too, writing contents of information, information that would be of benefit to the writer and the reader, that would update the wealth of knowledge. I decided to blog as I study and would like to improvise on the contents as I learn more. This blog is an attempt to get a thorough understanding about the basics of homoeopathy as taught by Hahnemann and his able disciples. It is inevitable that I make mistakes, but I hope to learn from them and progress further.

Those who have doubts in homoeopathy, this blog will strive to remove them as you join in my journey. For the fellow students, please feel welcome and do share with me your knowledge, so that we can help each other in this journey. For the accomplished, any comments, corrections and constructive criticisms are welcome, as that's how I can reach the destination of my journey.

This blog is thus my journey in understanding the intricacies of the scientificity of homoeopthy. Hahnemann has given us precise and accurate guidelines on how to practice homoeopathy. Progress is a necessity for any scientific system and I am truly for it. But I prefer to abide by the principles of Hahnemann before coming to conclusions. I may adhere to this or will I change my views, Only time will tell...📚📝📅

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