Sunday, 10 April 2016

Belladonna in Inflammation

For most of us belladonna is synonymous with inflammation. The symptoms of belladonna correspond in similarity to a number of inflammatory states met with in under ordinary circumstances, it being a polychrest. But practising homoeopathy on pathology alone is dangerous. Any drug could be made dangerous in nature when prescribed in unsuitable cases of diseases and in large doses. Though, Hahnemann has given us precise guidelines on the manner of homoeopathic prescription, these are not followed always. We see different methods of prescribing and practising homoeopathy sectioned under new and varied principles. Some of them deviate absurdly from Hahnemann’s philosophy. It's true that progress is in requirement for medical field. But we must never forget that Hahnemann was a researcher and a keen observer who had the brilliance to propose theories ahead of the medical system of his time. His research and studies were not made on the sick alone, he made his provings on healthy men. He was also constantly improvising in his methodology. Diagnostic criteria may change with research into pathology and with latest laboratory investigations, but these provings hold true then and now. It's thus incumbent on all of us to dwelve into the source books and then come to conclusions. This blog is a humble effort on my part to forray into the books of Hahnemann and his closest and able disciples, to learn homoeopathy in the way Hahnemann proposed.

Belladonna is an extremely useful drug and it works even in the smallest doses. It has saved many a life. Hahnemann’s experience with scarlet fever where Belladonna was used as a curative and preventive remedy is a proof of it. He had a special method of preparation for its use. Belladonna has all the classical signs of inflammations like the redness, heat, swelling etc. So does other drugs, which has anti inflammatory action, with more or less of these signs and symptoms. What helps us distinguish Belladonna is its onset, the nature of its pains, the characteristic symptoms and the modalities. Belladonna has a sudden onset.
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